Apollo BIO A-320 Regulator

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The Apollo A-320 first stage regulator is combined with the latest Apollo Adjustable Bio 2nd stage to give you the perfect 1st and 2nd stage combination to suit any diving application.

Under heavy workloads you may require more air than normal from your regulator. The new Apollo Bio adjustable 2nd stage allows you to increase the air flow of your regulator with just the simple twist of a knob. 

The first stage features an extra durable satin chrome plated brass body for a beautiful, long lasting finish and is fully balanced and environmentally sealed for maximum assurance no matter the depth.

The first stage includes the new Apollo Bio adjustable second stage for smooth easy breathing at all times. This combination is like a piece of art and will easily handle pressures up to 345 BAR or 5000 PSI.

The first stage is manufactured from durable satin chrome plated marine brass with a three (3) year HP seat warranty and reusable stainless steel filter while the second stage has a compact, swiveling 2nd stage which leads the way in comfort and reduced jaw fatigue for the diver. 

The internal bypass venturi system provides effortless, easy breathing no matter the work load. There is also a new non-stick, anti bacterial (Zeomic) plating on internal 1st and 2nd stage parts offers unrivaled protection against corrosion and bacterial formation and the Apollo hoses are uniquely designed with anti cut swaged fittings, again for long life.