Maldives Islands 3rd -12th May 2019

Experience world class diving at the magnificent Maldives!


Explore the exquisite Islands of the Maldives on-board the MV Maldives Master- everybody's ultimate dream diving vacation. 

The Maldives is underwater tropical heaven - one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive. 

The turquoise waters are simply spectacular with something for everyone, where sightings of reef sharks, mantas and even whale sharks can be considered commonplace. Throw in the some of the best night diving, with nurse sharks and huge rays, some of the most amazing corals in the Indian Ocean and impressive smaller creatures such as leaf fish and ghost pipefish and you have the perfect mix!

Diving can range from exhilarating aquatic life to submerged pinnacles and sheltered atolls so there is something for everyone in these tropical turquoise jewels.

Live-aboard diving is ultimate in diving pleasure vacations, everything from meals to dive sites at your fingertips.

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