Benefits of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

June 07, 2022

Benefits of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

The benefits of becoming a scuba diving professional:-

First question:- how exciting is your current job? Do you get to breathe underwater every day; do you get to explore incredible places every day at work; do you get to super-charge the lives of everyone who comes into contact with you for the better by injecting fun, excitement and adventure and new experiences into their lives on a regular basis?

Second question:- How many extraordinary adventures do you have at your current workplace? Scuba professionals can vouch for the underwater world always being dynamic, ever-changing, full of mystery, adventure, fun and exciting experiences, not to mention phenomenally beautiful with lots and lots of exciting creatures to meet and new places to experience and explore.

Third question:- what would it be like to have adventures every single day at work, whilst encouraging others to join you in those great adventures, as well as increasing the quality of their lives while they scuba dive with you? Scuba instructors work in many different underwater environments and assist their students to hone their own skills whether it be with specialty wreck diving or aspiring to get the perfect photograph underwater – whether it be during the day or at night.

Yes, a great scuba instructor is a great diver, having pursued a high level of skill development as well as many other attributes along the way. But there is a lot more to a great scuba instructor than just being a really good diver!

A great scuba instructor has the capacity to help students further develop their skills and abilities underwater, and to enchant and engage divers and non-divers alike with the underwater world and its truly magical, mystical creatures – whales, whale sharks, dolphins, weedy sea dragons, nudibranchs, octopus, cuttlefish, crustaceans, christmas tree worms, feather duster worms, feather stars, basket stars, wobbegongs, huge gorgonia fans, blue ribbon eels, leaf scorpion fish, flying gurnards and so many, many more.

A great scuba instructor has the ability to anticipate students’ needs, to break down complicated information and skill development into easy-to-learn segments, to raise students’ courage and determination levels, and to help reduce students fear and anxiety levels all whilst assisting their students to develop their own capabilities underwater. All this whilst encouraging the students to have fun while learning to dive.

PADI scuba instructors are a very special brand of people, who represent the largest, the most widely recognised and most highly respected diver training agency in the world today.

On the Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Lady of the Sea Diving Academy, your PADI Course Director, Kahren Forrest, and your Master Instructor, John Forrest will assist you, guide you and encourage you to develop special and unique skills that easily convert into other avenues of your everyday life!  As an instructor candidate you will learn how to organise and present information, conduct classroom teaching presentations on the very exciting topic of learning to dive, safely conduct confined water (pool) training sessions and of course, safely conduct ocean training dives to meet the performance requirements to certify as PADI Open Water Divers enabling people to access the other 70% of our Blue Planet!

The PADI Instructor Development Course at Lady of the Sea Diving Academy increases your confidence with public speaking and working with people, catapults you into the very dynamic world of diver education, and gives you skilled techniques in providing constructive criticism to your student divers to facilitate further learning for each person. All of these skills combined with the ability to make rapid life-protecting decisions in an alien environment result in the development of pretty special instructional skills. We pride ourselves in producing some of the best scuba instructors in the industry today.

Effective scuba instructors are very special people with a very special skill set who are able to work magic, adventure and fun into people’s lives in ways that are life changing and exciting beyond imagination! Scuba instructors have the power to engage divers in the magic and beauty of our aquatic realm and share underwater experiences that are life-changing and unforgettable.

Imagine if your work involved underwater photography and videography, night diving, shipwreck exploration, deep diving, underwater navigation, playing with diver propulsion vehicles, seals or dolphins, or spying on weedy sea dragons or nudibranchs. Imagine if your job involved travelling on a regular basis to exotic tropical locations like the beautiful Fiji Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Asia, Vanuatu, New Guinea, the Soloman Islands, the Maldives or the Red Sea in Egypt and taking people with you to share those adventures with you. Imagine being paid to travel with divers to seek out  amazing underwater adventures This, for us as scuba instructors, is what we experience as ‘work’ if you can call it that! Our work is indescribably exciting, and to have the gift to share that with everyone who walks into the dive academy is special beyond words. The world of a scuba instructor is exciting, adventurous, ever-changing, and incredibly special – injecting these aspects of your job into other people’s lives is just the icing on the cake!!

Have you considered becoming a divemaster or a scuba instructor with Lady of the Sea? Join our team to help spread the magic with everyone you meet – engage in work that lets you share in the adventure, excitement and exploration of our very special underwater realm – our last unexplored frontier – our Blue World! You don’t have to be a full-time scuba instructor - instructing part time or working as a diver guide is a great way to supplement other freelance work close to home or in a tropical paradise.

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