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You’re completely weightless – suspended in mid-water – you look up and through the surface, you see the clouds, you look down and the sandy bottom reflects the sun’s rays as they dance across the ocean floor - it feels like being suspended in the middle of a liquid crystal, except more real and you’re surrounded by fish... This is what it's like to be a scuba diver.

Welcome to our world, our office, our playground! We live a life of excitement and adventure, enveloped with mystery, a little serenity if we seek it, and plenty of silence. We spend our days in a place where we become addicted to the repetitive sound of our exhalation and the tickling sensation of our bubbles as they brush past our faces, and where no two dives are ever the same. We, the dive professionals with Lady Of The Sea Diving Academy, are committed to ensuring that your underwater experiences are the very best that they can be. If you dream about diving shipwrecks, we can take you there…..if you love being at one with nature….come with us because that is one of our specialties!

Perhaps you yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and insurmountable chores, of endless repetitive routine? This is another of our specialties... we have an allergic reaction to routine, to stress, to mediocrity, to monotony… if you need action, adventure and excitement – the underwater world has plenty of that too! Some deep diving with a little wreck exploration thrown in should suffice here. Does your soul need to re-connect with itself and the world at large? There is no better place than the underwater world for this… come diving with us – let us share the intriguing, hypnotising, unpredictable, mysterious adventures of our magnificent underwater world with you.

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