Dive Club

Lady of the Sea Dive Club provides the opportunity to explore the underwater world with a great group of fellow divers 

We don't just train you and then forget about you! We encourage you to become a part of our unique and special dive club activities. Yes, this is a service we provide for you whereby you are able to continue diving with other new and experienced divers and/or under the guidance of a dive professional (if you require).

We organise awesome dive weekends and day trips to many fascinating and exciting locations. Treasure hunts, aquatic life identification, night dives, shore dives, boat dives, deep dives, wreck dives, etc., etc. This is the perfect opportunity for new and experienced divers to go on organised dives and explore the underwater world!

Check out our calendar page to find out what's happening.

Once you get bitten by the diving bug there is no going back... this video says it all!