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Shark Diver

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Fear them? Revere them? Do they fascinate you? Would you like to get up close? Aren't you even a little bit curious?... or perhaps you need to face that fear? Sharks have existed for 450 million years. Having evolved over this enormous length of time, they are perfectly designed aquatic machines adapted incredibly well to their aquatic world. This very exciting course enables you to observe sharks in their natural habitat, learn about their relationship with their environment, their behaviour, courting-mating-reproduction - did you know that some species deliver live young whilst others lay eggs? This course is conducted by a passionate instructor who has a deep love and respect for the Monarch of the Sea. Share in this knowledge because the more you understand them, the less you fear them, the more you grow to love them, which is then closely followed by the intense desire to protect them, and they need our protection.