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Are you curious about the delicate and intricate interrelationships between creatures and their habitat?

Have you ever wondered how aquatic animals can be so well adapted to such harsh and formidable elements of the powerful ocean environment yet they remain so vulnerable to the destructive effects of mankind. There is absolutely no reason to keep yourself in the dark. How much longer do you want to keep diving without knowing what you are looking at?

Learn about new and fascinating creatures of the aquatic realm: how they protect each other, how they hunt, how one creature uses another to stalk its prey, how we can safely communicate and interact with them, and what makes some creatures famous as masters of disguise.

The underwater world is full of surprises, and the Underwater Naturalist Specialty course can save you years of trying to make the discoveries on your own. Why wait years when you can learn about what you're looking at on your very next dive. The knowledge gained on this course enables you to gain the most from every dive also giving you the ability to turn even a potentially ‘dull’ dive at a ‘boring’ site into a fascinating experience!