Tusa HyFlex Switch Fins

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Tusa Hyflex Switch Fins

These fins were voted Tester's Choice by Scuba Labs, an independent scuba equipment tester and reviewer. They were right - these fins are simply amazing to use when diving. The engineering that has gone into making these fins work as well as they do is exceptional. 

To start off, the fins are fitted with an elastic (and adjustable) bungee strap to ensure a snug fit whilst still being easy to take on and off. 

The next feature is the angled blade design, this lengthens the stroke of the kick cycle and positions the blade in the anatomically correct angle for scuba divers. 

The polyurethane materials that are used increase fin response and performance. 

The last feature is the vortex generator. What this does is to scientifically minimise resistance thereby creating a smoother and more efficient kick cycle. 

These fins are simply amazing - once you use these fins you won't want to wear anything else. 

Below is the results of the independent review by Scuba Labs